Starting in 2014 we’ve planted a swath of mostly-native, fast-growing, easy-to-propagate, often nitrogen-fixing trees and shrubs to begin repair the ecosystem that was destroyed by the previous farm’s owners when they ‘scraped’ 12 acres and planted 1000 asian pear trees. Bringing moisture, wind block, shade, nitrogen fixing and along with wildlife.

Farmstand Courtyard

Cactus, agave and yucca crops with a smattering of specimens and aromatic/medicinal shrubs; where dinners and events will be hosted

Cactus Crops
Agave/Yucca Crops
Specimen/Smell/Medicinal Infill

Food Oasis

Following idea of ‘food forest’ with groundcover, shrubs, etc we’ve adapted the model to suit our arid, desert condition and call it a ‘food oasis’

Zone 1: Native Nuts
Zone 2: Mulberries
Zone 3: ‘Red’ Inner Oasis
(slightly heavier water users, many with red fruit, red tones or red leaves in fall)
Zone 4: Fig Guild
learn about fruit tree guilds
Zone 5: Fruit w/Carob Grove Windblock

Rainbow Windblock

edibles as windbreak

Honey Mesquite Guild

Native planting around highly edible/nutritious/useful, 3 honey mesquites (Prosopis glandulosa) with a nod to Transition Joshua Tree

Wildflower Grove

Just for the joy of it, focusing on ‘female’ plants

Waffle Garden

Annuals planted here. Using the Native American ‘waffle garden‘ concept and putting to use the existing grid of pear tree basins. Experimenting also with various types of critter proofing.

Medicinal Garden (with Peri Lee Pipkin)

See her pamphlet, hear her speak we have medicinals across the site also, including xxx