Recipe: Jujube Essence Iced Herbal Tea


Adapted from Sweet Beet & Green Bean

Wash 20 (or more) fresh Jujubes and prick each a few times with a sharp knife. Boil in water for an hour or longer until very soft. Add fresh ginger if desired (often used in combo with Jujube, creating ‘yin/yang’). Strain the liquid into a glass jar (photo above). This is the slightly sweet, concentrated ‘essence’ used to create Jujube tea. Use the leftover fruit pulp (seeds removed) to make Jujube Butter.

To make hot tea, add some of the essence to boiling water, then add lemongrass, a cinnamon stick or other Chinese herbs if desired. Or add the essence to steeped green tea, and top with fresh mint or basil if desired. Sweeten with honey or Stevia if desired.

For herbal iced tea make a big batch of tea (any combination of the above), portion into 16 oz (2 cup) jars and chill.


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