We Bought the Farm

Sunever Farms

… at a San Bernardino County tax sale, June 6, 2013.

We’re calling it Sunever Farms as it’s on Sunever Road.

See it in the distance, above.

No one bid against us, so we got it for the minimum bid of $10,650.

The property was purchased by a previous owner in 2003, scraped, irrigated, planted, and then abandoned about 2 years later. The rumor is that the owner couldn’t afford the water bill.

Sunever Farms

Our other properties (our main house, and four homesteader cabins) view the farm.

We’ve watched and wondered what would happen to the property. This year it came up for tax sale, which happens when a property owner gets behind on property taxes.

Our good friend Carolyn lives across the road. We live less than 1/2 mile away.

The property is 20 acres, about 60% scraped and irrigated with city water, half-fenced. There is a well just down the road that we have access to, to supplement the city water (water will need to be hauled).

It was planted with nearly 1000 trees and nearly all failed — Asian Pear, Fuyu Persimmon, and, we think, Quince [UPDATE: We’ve since found out these are not Quince but Jujube, an amazing super-tree that we will be planting more of…].

Sunever Farms

Sunever Farms

A few have survived near an area we think is being irrigated by ‘swales’, or rainwater collectors inadvertently laid down by the former owner in the form of irrigation ditches left unfilled. The property is on a relatively steep slope.

Sunever Farms

Our first step will be to clean it up…

Sunever Farms