Fruiting Trees


We found more alive trees!


14 more, to be exact. All of them varieties of Asian Pear (Ichiban Nashi, Shinsui). We’re now up to 36 alive fruit trees, scattered across three sections at the top (highest elevation) of the farm.

Sunever Farms

Mulching and watering these trees is our first, Phase ‘0’, priority right now. The watering part isn’t easy, as we don’t have the irrigation system turned on yet. We’ve been carrying plastic jugs of water from our house to each tree. Next immediate priority is to wrap our heads around the irrigation system on the property. More on that in a future post.


We’ve got 12 of these mystery trees, all quite large.

Sunever Farms

Can anyone ID them?

Sunever Farms Jujube Tree

UPDATE: We’re very excited to learn that these trees are Jujube trees, of the ‘Li’ variety. Here’s a description:

Also known as the Chinese Date. Sweet, crisp flesh can be eaten fresh or dried. Fruit is about 1 1/2 inches long, round and plump with a small pit. It can be picked yellow-green and will finish ripening off the tree to wrinkled, mahogany color. Jujubes do well in hot interior regions and are very drought tolerant.

Sunever Farms

Our Persimmons are ripening on schedule, although they look a bit raggedly.


Water, water, water…


This is a tortoise burrow. We’ve found a handful of them on the farm, which is a sign that the surrounding desert ecosystem is healthy enough to nurture these endangered desert creatures.


One thought on “Fruiting Trees

  1. Fantastic good news, Stephanie! Every day sounds like a keen adventure. What fun to go exploring together and see what can be nourished, brought back to life, planted, and celebrated!! Sending good watery thoughts to your venture. ;-)

    xoxoxo pb

    On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 1:14 PM, Sunever Farms

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