Planet Drum in Ecuador

We’re thinking about how to apply SF-based Planet Drum Foundation’s urban “wild corridor” approach to the desert…

“The Ecuadorian coastal city of Bahia de Caraquez has committed itself through law to become ecological and sustainable… Planet Drum has established a field office there and carried out a major bioregional project to revegetate a city barrio with native trees for erosion control against future mudslides and to create an urban ‘wild corridor.’ ”

Planet Drum

From the Planet Drum Eco-Ecuador field report:

A seedbed that has seedlings ready for transplanting is doused with water so that the soil is soft. The trees are then dug up in batches and moved out to where the bottles are waiting.

Planet Drum

After planting them in bottles and pushing in the soil around the root, water is dripped into the bottle. Occasionally the tree will need some additional soil sprinkled in the bottle to help it stand up straight.

Planet Drum

At the greenhouse, two seedbeds exploded with seedlings, one of Chirimoya and the other with Pechiche. These are the two native fruit trees we have had the most success with (in terms of revegetating and donating to communities). They are relatively hardy species as far as fruit trees go and the fruits are quite sought after. It is possible that there are upwards of 800 trees in each of the seedbeds. Needless to say, an abundance of work has sprouted at the greenhouse.



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